What does The JMA Trust do, and where do their funds come from?

We are committed to helping others who need support or assistance. The money raised by people for the Trust will help to support individuals, clubs, groups, charities and communities.

Our incredible fundraisers take part in a variety of different fundraising activities and events throughout the year, to enable us to continue our work. We also receive many generous donations, both large and small, on a one-off or monthly basis.

Are you on Social Media

Yes! We have a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Give us a follow and stay updated with all the JMA news!

How can I stay updated with the latest JMA news?

You can follow us on our social media platforms, and sign up to the Mailing List or subscribe to our Facebook messenger bot, where we’ll simply send you monthly updates of our latest news and blog posts.

How do I let the JMA I want to fund-raise for them?

If you apply for a Fundraising Pack, we’ll be able to note down your event details, allowing us to support you on social media and acknowledge your incredible efforts for the Trust.

If you feel you don’t need a Fundraising Pack, we’d love for you to get in touch by email to let us know a little about your fundraising. We understand some people prefer to keep their efforts private, and we’ll always respect this position, just let us know!

How do I keep the JMA up to date with my fundraising?

Tag us! You can like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and tag us on these social media sites so that we can share with all of the JMA followers and get you even more support and encouragement! You can also send us and email (info@JMATrust.com) if you aren’t on social media.

How can I support those who are fundraising for the JMA Trust?

You can check out our social media pages, where we will cover upcoming and current fundraising activities. Leaving encouraging comments is great, and sponsoring those involved via their MyDonate/JustGiving pages is even better!

Can I fund-raise for the JMA Trust

Yes! We are truly grateful for every single one of our fundraisers, and we’ve had people of all ages get involved!