Supporting hundreds of vulnerable individuals and groups across Scotland.

JMA Trust

Radisson Blu, Glasgow

The JMA Dinner 2022

We are getting closer to the return of our annual JMA Trust Dinner on 26th November. ...more

20 October 2022

JMA Trust

JMA Trust, Scotland

The JMA 22-Together Challenge

In 2022 we are bringing our JMA family back together to do what you do best! This year we are throwing down the gauntlet and ...more

15 January 2022

Stephen Brown

Glasgow Green, Glasgow

Stephen Brown's Challenge

JMA serial fundraising superstar Stephen Brown decided to take on the challenge of running 40 miles a month for 12 months ...more

20 November 2021

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The JMA 22-Together Challenge💚

This year we are throwing down the gauntlet and setting a monthly challenge in increments of 2, leading up to 22 in November when we are back TOGETHER at our annual dinner. Simply take the number of the month and multiply by 2 and you have your challenge number 💪

💚Set yourself a monthly challenge or pick the month that suits your challenge…YOU DECIDE!🕺🏻🏊🚣‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🤼‍♀️🏃‍♀️⛷💃

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Since 2015, we’ve raised over £500,000 to help projects supporting hundreds of vulnerable individuals and groups across Scotland.

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Making a difference across Scotland

Kind-hearted people of all ages have chosen to support the JMA Trust in their own towns and communities through fundraising activities, both large and small. All sorts of events have taken place, involving chilli challenges, football tournaments, Santa runs, mountain climbs, marathons, and miles upon miles of cycling.

Outstanding amounts of money have been donated to the Trust thanks to the efforts of incredible JMA fundraisers. Together, we can make a difference. We wouldn’t be able to help and support people without the amazing support of JMA fundraisers. Be part of something special by fundraising for the JMA Trust.


Mr Nice Guy

The John Maurice Aitken (JMA) Trust has been developed in memory of a very special man who was loved by so many. John had a big personality and an even bigger heart. In his name we have been making a difference to groups and individuals across Scotland by making small, but meaningful donations to those who need it the most.

The JMA Trust’s main aim is to echo John’s attitude, particularly focusing on the aspects of life close to his heart. Our primary purpose will be to provide support and advancement to those in need within the areas of health, education, employment, public participation in sport and with the relief of financial hardship.

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The JMA Trust was established in memory of a very special man – John Maurice Aitken.

The John Maurice Aitken Trust is registered in Scotland as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with charity number SC045343.