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JMA Dinner 2021

It's normally this time of year that everyone at the JMA would be working frantically on our biggest night of the year...The JMA Dinner. This year's dinner would have been on Saturday 27th November. We are all disappointed that this year's event had to be postponed. With cases on the rise again, and being so close to Christmas, our priority is making sure that when we get together again at The Radisson, everyone can really enjoy themselves, making another JMA Dinner to remember.

It is unfortunate because 2021 has been another amazing year for JMA 💚 There is so much that we want to celebrate with our JMA family. Just because we can't have an annual dinner doesn't mean we have stopped our work. The JMA Trust have still be supporting vulnerable individuals, families and groups across Scotland. We will be showing you some of these amazing causes in the coming weeks 💚

The JMA Dinner is the biggest night in our calendar - we raise phenomenal amounts of money that allow us to support those who need it. Although we can’t be together next Saturday, we are asking you for some help to raise some money for our Christmas donations and causes. We would ask that you might donate the price of a pint, a meal or even the value of your JMA dinner ticket.

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The JMA 22-Together Challenge💚

This year we are throwing down the gauntlet and setting a monthly challenge in increments of 2, leading up to 22 in November when we are back TOGETHER at our annual dinner. Simply take the number of the month and multiply by 2 and you have your challenge number 💪

💚Set yourself a monthly challenge or pick the month that suits your challenge…YOU DECIDE!🕺🏻🏊🚣‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🤼‍♀️🏃‍♀️⛷💃

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The JMA Trust was established in memory of a very special man – John Maurice Aitken.

The John Maurice Aitken Trust is registered in Scotland as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with charity number SC045343.