Fundraising and the JMA

At the JMA Trust, our goal is to make a real, positive difference through modest but meaningful donations to help those who need it the most.

  • Helping individuals experiencing challenging circumstances or hardship
  • Working with organisations so they can make a positive impact for those who really need support 
  • Making a difference to communities, providing  places where people can come together and feel supported and included 

Planning on fundraising for the JMA? Apply for one of our Fundraiser Packs below, containing helpful resources and any other information you might need!

If you feel you won’t need a pack, please get in touch with the Trust in another way. This will let us know your fundraising plans, so that we can send our thanks and support, and we’ll share your donations page on our social media too!

Share your photos and videos with the JMA

A picture is worth a thousand words and we would love for you to share any photos or videos you capture at your fundraising events. 

Fundraising Explained

It’s really easy to set up your online fundraising page! We currently use two fundraising platforms,  Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving.  On each site, you will be asked to enter a date to end your fundraising event and close the page to new donations. We recommend you leave the page open for a while after your event, to ensure any late-comers are able to support you too!

As people sponsor you via your Virgin Giving/Just Giving that is linked to the JMA, the money will come directly to the Trust. This means you don’t have to worry about counting totals, transferring money or writing any cheques. Easy!

If you’ve collected cash at your event

If you have collected cash at your event, rather than using the online fundraising pages, there are two ways you can get the money to us:

  1. Total the money, pay in to your own bank account, and then use the One-Off Donate option on MyDonate, entering your total. This will then transfer the amount raised directly to us.
  2. Contact us via email to arrange collection of funds or another form of money transfer.

Request A Fundraising Pack

    Please let us know what fundraising merchandise you would like by ticking the relevant boxes below:

    JMA Downloadable Fundraising Materials