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The George Square event is sure to be gruelling for those involved - but it's all for a good cause! From the team that brought you 42in42 and ‘stand up for the JMA’ comes the next summer blockbuster fundraising event for the JMA Trust - 2019 minute ultra workout On the 18th and 19th of August 2019, our team of 4 will aim to continuously row and run between them for 2019 minutes (approx 34 hours) in Glasgow’s George Square in what is sure to be a gruelling challenge! The team expect to cover multiple marathon distances as they work overnight to clock up as big a total as possible In 20 minute slots, each member will row as far as they can before completing laps of our 100m loop on the corner of George Square to clock up as many miles as possible to aid in the JMA’s ‘2019 mile challenge’ ahead of the annual charity dinner in November. The aim of which is to cover a collective 2019 miles from all fundraising activities in what is the charities 5th anniversary We want as many people to come and visit us and cheer us on over these days and learn more about the trust as you do, oh and we wouldn’t mind you donating anything you can spare for our efforts. If you'd like to make a donation to sponsor those taking part in The JMA 2019 Minute Ultra Workout, you can do so here.

18 Aug
George Square 2019 Challenge
  • Organized by: Gordon Moffat
  • Venue: George Square, Glasgow