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34 hour nonstop ‘ultra workout’ charity challenge

34 hour nonstop ‘ultra workout’ charity challenge

The George Square event is sure to be gruelling for those involved – but it’s all for a good cause!

A four man team are taking on a gruelling challenge by aiming to row and run continuously for 34 hours (2019 minutes) in to help raise money for The John Maurice Aitken (JMA) trust.

The JMA 2019 Minute Ultra Workout is billed as the summer blockbuster fundraising event for the charity, and takes place in George Square on Sunday, August 18 into Monday, August 19.

And those involved expect to cover multiple marathon distances as they work over night to clock up as big a total as possible, rowing for 20 minutes at a time before completing laps of a 100m loop.

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The team who completed a challenge of sitting in every seat at Celtic Park. Three of them, Gordon Moffat (centre), Kevin Aitken (far left) and Greg O’Donnell (far right) will be doing the challenge at George Square

The participants of the event hope that as many people as possible stop by and cheer them on – and learn more about the charity they are raising money for in the process.

One of those taking part, Gordon Moffat, told Glasgow Live: “We wanted to do a gym-based challenge in the most public spot in Glasgow we could think of.”

They’ve helped raise thousands over the years for the charity, having sat in every seat in Celtic Park (62,000 of them) and also visited all 42 Scottish football grounds in 24 hours to raise money.

If you’d like to make a donation to sponsor those taking part in The JMA 2019 Minute Ultra Workout, you can do so here.